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In today's uncertain economy, every penny counts.  If you need cylinder repair, ID or OD, regardless of damage, give us a call and let Ducora save your hard earned money with our permanent metal repair process.  Our estimates are free and our pricing is competitive with traditional means of repair, whether purchasing new parts, machined parts, or using tank plating.

The DucoraTekTM repair process is an invaluable service when equipment downtime becomes a major factor and cost. Quick, innovative, efficient, and even mobile the DucoraTek process allows repair to damaged rods, barrels, journals, pumps, seal worn areas, and more in hours rather than weeks, months, or longer. 

  1. Do you have a part that needs to be fixed or replaced but its made in another country where getting the part will take months or longer?
  2. What if the part needs to be fabricated or is obsolete?
  3. What if your part is too large to break down or impossible to move, let alone ship out for repair? 
  4. Have you ever had a critical part get damaged or worn that caused production to stop and you needed a repair immediately, on the spot, on the equipment? 

Our repair process is molecular and permanent,  without heat generation, providing a superior repair to anything available in today's market.  If you call around for repair work, rest assured you'll probably be referred to Ducora. 


DucoraTek Customers

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Benefits of using Ducoratek

Why the DucoraTek™ Hard Chrome Resurfacing repair is superior to others:

  • No porosity or erosion as with epoxy repairs, no cracking of surrounding chrome which can be caused from the heat of welding
  • 100% metal-molecular bonding provides a permanent repair, it won't peel, it won't chip, it won't flake
  • Other repairs can do more damage than good by leaving debris that contaminates the entire hydraulic system
  • Repairs pass pressure tests - meets military and Nasa electroplating standards
  • Hard, low-friction, chrome like metallic surface repair cosmetically blends with surrounding chrome
  • Quick, simple, DucoraTek™ process makes it easy to restore accurate diameter tolerances without gauging 

Why spend additional money when you don't have too?

What can Ducoratek do for you?

• Onsite Rod Repair • O/D - I/D repair • Preventative Maintenance Program • Tolerance specific
• No heat generation • Repair is permanent and molecular bonded • Cadmium Plating for corrosion resistance on aircraft

Ducoratek Before and After Examples

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